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The Light of Reason
January 1904
Published Monthly
Edited by James Allen

Vol. V. January 1st, 1904 No. 1

Devoted to:
The expounding of the laws of being and the higher life.

From now, guard your thoughts; for if it is true that yesterday's wrong thought gives birth to the trials of today,
it is equally certain that today's right thinking will generate joy for the morrow.
—Hope La Gallienne

About the 1st of February will appear a new book by the Editor entitled Out From the Heart. It will form a sequel to As a Man Thinketh, With which it will be uniform both as to price and style of printing and binding. As a Man Thinketh deals with the power and application of though in and to the practical issues of life in a broad and general way, but Out From the Heart will deal with details and particulars, showing how and by what practice the thoughts are to be strengthened and the mind purified, beginning with the lower steps before attempting the higher. Reason of the former book (the first edition of which is already nearly exhausted) will find the latter complementary information and instruction, and all who are seeking the Right Path in life should not fail to secure these twin volumes.

It will not be out of place at this, the commencement of the fifth volume of The Light of Reason, to again impress our readers with a statement of the mission and some of the aims of this magazine, especially as the simplicity of our position is not easily grasped by the involved mind which is prime to the spinning of the complex webs of theory, and thereby to the missing of that daily doing which leads to knowledge and to peace.

The mission of The Light of Reason is the promotion of Virtue, blamelessness of conduct, and enlightenment by living the righteous life. It aims to bring men back from metaphysical quibbling and theological quarrellings to the contemplation and knowledge of the inner realities of their own being, and to the practice of those higher spiritual qualities without which such knowledge is impossible. It has no speculative doctrines. Right-thinking and right-doing, the practice of goodwill and justice, love and peacefulness—these are its doctrines.

We teach that which is known and practiced, that which is comprehended and realized. Purity of heart, calmness of mind, and the blissful freedom from selfish desire –these things are gloriously real; they are attainable. We therefore dwell upon and expound those things which are necessary to salvation here and now; and by salvation we mean liberation from the fetters of sing and suffering and sorrow.

We do not seek the overthrow of any man, creed, religion, party, or system; nor do we attack any external evil. We seek the overthrow of sin; we teach and help men to attack those wrong conditions of mind out of which all external evils spring. We aim to spread abroad the glorious truth that sin and self can be conquered and entirely transcended; that he who aspires and wills can scale, here and in this life, the unassailable heights of Purity, Love, and Spiritual Knowledge, and that, having attained, he can point out the Way to others, and help the world. We see, know, and proclaim man's power to rise and conquer. Shall man, who has chained even the elements to his will, and made the invisible forces of the universe do his bidding, be powerless and chain the elements of his mind, and render his own thoughts and inner forces obedient to his commands? If man is strong to sin, is he less strong to conquer sin? If he is powerful to grasp, is he not more powerful to renounce? He who can master and subdue others in the strength of his animal, selfish nature, shall he not master and subdue himself in the strength of his divine, unselfish nature?

Brothers, friends, readers, at this season of new resolves, believe and act upon the glorious message that man is strong to rise, strong to conquer, strong to understand. He can practice virtue in his daily life; he can search for stainlessness of heart, and advance step by step until he finds and realizes it; he can abolish self from his mind, and take out from his heart the roots of all evil, until at last, through purity of heart, he attains to that perfect Insight which brings unutterable peace.

Thus our mission is to help men and women to find and walk the Path of Virtue; to proclaim the personal attainment of blamelessness of heart, and of the knowledge of the eternal supremacy of Justice, Love and Truth.

Do any hearts beat faster,
Do any faces brighten
To hear your footsteps on the stair,
To meet you, greet you anywhere?
Are you so like you Master,
Dark shadows to enlighten?
Are any happier today
Through words that they have heard you say?
Life were not worth the living
If no one were the better
For having met you on the way,
And known the sunshine of your stay.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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