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Letters of a Truth-Seeker (Part 1)

Life From Within

Somewhere in the progress of every individual there comes a great yearning for a broader, higher life; a life of more service and fuller expression. This new life springs from within, fashions and develops in the daily thought, and seeks manifestation in the world of deed and action. Selfish though no longer supplies its needs, and one by one the fetters of error that bind the new aspirations are broken. Freedom of thought is as necessary to development as light to the young plant, and a broader, more beautiful conception of life is the natural results of breaking through these self-made barriers by which the thoughts have been cramped. Clinging to the old love of forms and shadows must cease. We have been seeking the Infinite Spirit within the limits of a perishable Creed, at special times, or in particular places; yet only when the search is turned within the Soul, do we discover the true Source of Knowledge, and unmistakable evidence of its unity with all life. We begin to find too, that side by side with the attempt express Truth in service, the power to discern Truth is developed, apart from all historical documents or ancient dogmas. Once the power has broken upon the life, then, dimly at first, but ever more clearly does the light of reason dispel the darkness of ignorance, until the New Life seems to throb in direct harmony with the Soul of All Things. Realizing in this way its unity with the Infinite, the soul within becomes a garden of beautiful thoughts, needing only to be fostered to blossom into deeds of kindness in the world. The same messages of Universal Peace and Good-will are constantly coming to all those who are thus opening themselves to the power of Divine Love. For them no class or race distinctions exists, because all believe in the One Human Brotherhood, and seek to apply that ideal to the daily though and deed.

"The Kingdom of God is within you," said a Great Teacher, and God is Love. There is then good reason why we should "seek first the Kingdom of God," for does it not follow that by earnestly and sincerely seeking within the "Kingdom," love will express itself in the new life that is bursting forth. What better can we do than to be true to the promptings of the truth within? If we honestly do this we shall find the thoughts becoming positive and progressive. One central truth clearly grasped, and realized in the daily life, is sufficient to develop a complete line of though and conduct by which the whole life may be transformed. If we feel such a truth evolving within the thought, and are ready to make it practical, let us drop all long-cherished cramping ideas, so that the Higher Life may freely express itself. In this way shall we know Heaven here and now, and no longer imagine it a place to reach in some future existence.

Fearlessly then will we step forward, knowing that there must be those who differ from us, but determined always to preserve towards them an attitude of love and gentleness. Nor will we waste time in remorse. Rightly viewed, each failure is the stepping-stone to a higher life; we extract its lesson, and go forward on the strength of the gathered experience. We are nearing the end of our journey in the Wilderness. The heart is glad at the ever-widening view ahead, for the Land of Freedom and Love is always broad and full of promise.

Life of germinating grain;
Life of all things, land and main;
Life of angel as of clod—
Love—thou spirit, breath of God!
Fear's large promise; who subject live
To that base passion, know not what they give.
—John Dryden


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Harry J. Stone

  • Secretary of the North London group of Light of Reason readers.

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