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Do and Live (Poem)

If thou wilt enter into life keep the commandments.
—Matt. XIX 17.

Keep the commandments: it is less than naught
To know and to approve them with thy mind,
If to obedience thou giv'st no thought.
So if thou would'st life's richest treasure find,
Live thy belief: clothe thou each new-born truth
Will garments of thy personality;
So shall thy spirit keep perpetual youth,
Thy God-bound wishes soar eternally,
And thou shalt stand a beacon light sublime,
Pointing Heaven's pathway through the mists of time.

The superior man practices before he preaches.
He that endeavors really to mortify his lusts and to comply with that truth in his life which his conscience is convinced of, is nearer a Christian, though he never heard of Christ, than he that believes all the vulgar articles of the Christian faith, and plainly denyeth Christ in his life.
—Dr. Ralph Cudworth


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Florence M. Solomon

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