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Cause and Effect

The universe pays every man in his own coin; if you smile it smile upon you in return; if you frown you be frowned and if you sing you will be invited into gay company; if you think you will be entertained by thinkers; and if you love the world and earnestly seek for the good that is therein, you will be surrounded by loving friends and nature will pour into your lap the treasures of the earth. Censure, criticize, and hate, and you will be censured, criticized and hated by your fellow-men. Every seed brings forth after its kind. Mistrust begets mistrust, jealousy begets jealousy, hatred begets hatred. And confidence begets confidence; kindness begets kindness; love begets love. Resist and you will be resisted. To meet the aggressive assault every entity rises up rigid and impenetrable –while yonder mountain of granite melts and floats away on the bosom of the river of love.

Experience proves disobedience to be followed by pain, disorder, and suffering.
A perversion of intelligence or reason, such as intemperance, gluttony, or lust, inherits pain and disease.

A perversion of the will, such as injustice, arrogance, or disorderly conduct inherits war, strife, and servitude.
A perversion of love, such as deceit, treachery, or fraud, inherits trouble, trials, misfortunes.
—Arthur F. Milton

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