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Work While it is Day

Not all who seem to fail, have failed indeed!
—Richard Chenevix Trench

Do you know what will make you work beautiful? Perhaps it is monotonous, dull, and uneventful, and often tries your patience, and your health.

It is so easy to see life beautiful when everything around you is for your comfort and happiness, and the people you associate with are leaders of thought and action, so that you are continually urged on in enthusiasm and interest to attain to your highest.

But it is to those who have the daily round of the common task, so plain, so unnoticed, so hidden in obscurity, who need the reminder of a continual enthusiasm, for no work can be the best until you carry into it all the joy and your very best efforts, no matter who notices, who rewards you, for the reward is there. But it is just this which will make the path easy and full of sunshine—to know that your work is wanted; never mind what it may be, so long as it is real honest labor, or perhaps, it is simply waiting, standing still; but it is your work, and only you can fill that place, and just as you strive on, and fill it to the very best of your ability, there will be awaiting a greater work, a higher place, and with it higher responsibilities, and not until we have faithfully filled the lowlier shall we be fitted for the greater, and I think there will be nothing in this world that will urge us on and on, with real enthusiasm and joy (aye joy, not a blind and cheerless walk), more than this—that we are expected to be something, are here to do our work and live our best.

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