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Originality of Character

That all people are not alike is often admitted, but few realize that this statement involves that everyone possesses something in his or her nature not to be found in another. That something, be it good or evil, great or small, strong or weak, is character. Not merely is it that no two faces are similar, but that in everyone of the owners exists an element of originality. However, so few are strong that only the most unconventional procure credit for any distinct character at all. By originality, then, we usually mean a plentiful supply of that something one alone owns. True, the discrimination of habits and ideas is more arduous than that of faces and forms, but surely it is also more profitable. And if that is so, then the study of human nature should be ours.

Man it may be said increases in interest, according as he is regarded as intended to do a work no one else was made for. And when we feel that each soul can teach us something, then this great truth claiming originality for all is dawning upon us.

No fate could rob us of our own,
No circumstance can make it less;
What time removes was but a loan,
For what was ours we still possess.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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George Weeds

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