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Joy Cometh in the Morning (Poem)

Joy cometh in the morning,
Oh! dry those doubting tears;
'Tis e'er before the dawning
The darkest hour appears.

Thinkst thou the sun has vanished
Because 'tis out of sight?
Thinkst thou that night has banished
For aye the morning light?

Oh! waken from the sadness
Which faithlessness has wrought;
How could we learn of gladness
If not by sorrow taught?

How could we learn endurance
If ne'er we tasted care?
Or welcome sweet assurance
If strangers to despair?

And how behold each other,
How soothe the mourner's pain,
How set a fainting brother
Upon his feet again?

How turn the heart misguided—
How teach the blind to see—
If not ourselves provided
With heart-felt sympathy?

Then watch thou for the dawning,
The clouds will disappear;
Joy cometh in the morning,
And even now 'tis near.


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Florence M. Solomon

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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