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Gems of Thought From German Thinkers

What you have not given up you have not gained. —Schiller

If a man remains modest, both when praised and censured, then believe me he is true. —Jean Paul

Wisdom is a precious stone; its brilliancy showing forth most beautifully when set with meekness. —Klopstock

Whoever strives for wisdom, but forgets to apply this wisdom, is like a man who ploughs, but forgets the sowing. —Herder

The fire of enthusiasm alone does not make the great man, as little as the blazing flame of the furnace can melt precious metal out of loose lime, but without it, from the richest stones even, you cannot draw the precious gold. —Jakobs

Whoever would achieve great things must not fear the name of a fancy monger, enthusiast, or dreamer, which names often more disgrace those who give them than him to whom they are given. —Jakobs

If we consider it our duty to assist others and make them happy as much as in our power, we will not harbor any thought as to what influence our good deeds are exercising on the minds of others with regard to us. —E. Von Kleist


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Rudolph O. Gercke

  • Secretary of the West London group of Light of Reason readers.

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