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Forget the Past (Poem)

Forgetting those things which are behind.
—Phil. III. 13

Forget the past! 'Twill ne'er return,
'Tis gone forever now ;
Does not its memory bid thee learn
How faithless was its vow?
However rashly it was bought,
Howe'er 'twas prized or dear,
It is not worth an anxious thought
Or e'en one bitter tear.

Forget the past! 'Tis banished now
And ne'er can be recalled,
Why should thy ransomed spirit bow
To be again enthralled?
Why should the joy dispelling gloom
Of a departed night
Be taken from its sombre tomb
To dim the present light?

Forget the past l 'Tis thine no more,
Thy pity comes too late,
Then with the wings of faith upsoar
And leave it to its fate.
Into the present broad and fair
Thine altered lot is cast,
For future days thou must prepare,
Oh! then, forget the past!

The thing which must be, must be for the best.
—Owen Meredith (Robert Bulwer-Lytton)

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Florence M. Solomon

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