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The little garden which fell to my care a few weeks ago has provided an illustration of one of the great principles of life. I should like to state the thought here. At the time named, the piece of ground was very untidy. I set to work, cleared away the rubbish, prepared the ground, put in seeds, and planted roots. All very ordinary this, you may say. Quite true, and in that fact lies its greatest charm.

I looked at the garden today, and saw in it just what I see when a little poem is finished, viz., completeness, result of work (mental and physical), the unseen beauty made manifest.

And what struck me most was the similarity in the details of the two processes, for to write a poem there must be the removing of all that is useless (clearing the ground), and the acceptance of that which is necessary (the seed), before the good result appears.

So, when our lives are adjusted in accord and with Divine intention, we shall realize that in every walk of life the same principle holds good, and that all work is ennobling.

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F. Horsley

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