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Gems of Thought From German Thinkers

Blessed is he who feels the greatness of others and makes it his own by love. —Grillparzer

A poor mind indeed is he who is ashamed to borrow Truth from others. —Lessing

If you have failed do not despair, but follow repentance with a better deed. —Jean Paul

Surely it is of far greater importance how man takes fate than how it really is. —W. Von Humboldt

Cultivate and enlighten yourself and strive to influence others by what you yourself are. —W. Von Humboldt

It is astonishing what power our mind has over our body. Let the mind therefore always be the master. —Geothe

To learn to live is the continuous lesson of our life which we must study and test till our death. —Reichel

You want to be rich? Strive to possess yourself and you will be it. You desire power? In your heart there is a vacant throne; ascend it. Then you will be lord over a Kingdom which has no borders. —O. V. Leixner

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Rudolph O. Gercke

  • Secretary of the West London group of Light of Reason readers.

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