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The Teachings of a Seer (Poem)

Hear ye these words! For, tho' they may appear
As measured rhyming to the heedless ear;
They try to voice the teachings of a Seer,
Who, seeing, knew.
First: Mark ye this! The body that ye hold
Is but a little thing, soon growing cold;
Freeing the Life it did a time enfold.
"Dust unto dust"
The Life in ye remaineth still the same,
It is but freed, a wondrous living flame;
And goeth back, rejoicing, whence it came,
To peace and rest.
Again: Heed ye these words! That which ye sow
Ye reap. That is the truth. That ye must know.
Then plant ye as ye will, for joy or woe,
Ye garner it.
What ye have now, and as ye fare from birth,
With grief or want, or be it wealth and mirth,
'Tis fruitage of your sowing on this Earth
Seeds good ill.
And know! That we think, that then are we;
Your thoughts are working ever, building ye
A house of evil or of purity—
Ye have the choice.
So guard your thoughts, and never from ye send
Curses of ill; for certain in the end
They will return and build for thee, my friend,
A house of pain.
And last of love, that all-consuming fire,
Cleanse it of passion and of base desire,
Or it shall chain thee to the heavy mire
Of Earthly life.
But, if ye purify this lower love,
Making it perfect, harmless as a dove,
'Tis then ye know a rapture far above
The fleeting kiss.
Then will it live and last through time and space,
And know not sorrow for the lost embrace,
It goes beyond the grave, and there will trace
The loved one Home.
Thus am I taught; and so would I teach ye:
That what ye prize as life must shadow be,
Which does but hide the true Reality;
Yet "It" is here.
For what ye know as Love, and what ye feel
As Good, and Truth, and Virtue, that is Real,
Echoing dimply through, from God's Ideal Eternally.

Knowledge is certainly one of the means of pleasure; ignorance is mere privation.
We always rejoice when we learn, and grieve when we forget.
We grow more happy as our minds take a wider range.
—Samuel Johnson from Rasselas

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