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The Judgment Day

Today is the Judgment Day. While you read these words you are judged. Every day, every moment has its appropriate judge—the divine knowledge within which approves or condemns. Why that poignant regret, and again this great peace? It is the judgment.

There is a prevailing idea that personal judgment is a possibility of a more or less distant future, and that as long as it is deferred there is a chance of escape. False philosophy and vain hope! In the meantime every moment brings its condemnation; distress and unhappiness overtake the unwise, and they call it the mysterious ways of Providence.

What is judgment in this sense? It is the law of the inevitable: it is cause and effect. The discernment of one's status viewed from the recognized ideal is the perception of it. Is there, then, no sequence in time of cause and effect, and thus a delay in judgment? There surely is sequence. Everything in experience has a precedent, and thus the line may reach out in the future and far back into the past. But judgment is not, therefore, delayed, for in the realm of consciousness the true cause and the true effect are one, though from them consequences, in the ordinary sense, flow. Think a lofty thought; thereby you are lofty, not will be lofty at some future time. Do a despicable deed; thereby you are degraded, not in the future, but immediately.

We have become accustomed to fear consequences more than the condition or act from which they flow, and to look upon them alone as the judgment. In the truer sense judgment is not thus separated; it never lags; it is never tardy, and there is no escape from it; for whether we recognize it as such or not it is ever present as an inseparable part of the thought or act. The soul is continually weighing itself in the balance, and by its findings is inspired to realize things. —Realization

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