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The Gospel of Love

Life may be likened to a sheet of white paper, on which we are to make a record of thought, word, and deed. Shall we make a good, clear record that will bear inspection or blotched and soiled record, full of stain and uncleanness? It matters not what our past has been, we must suffer for the evil of it; we must reap remorse if we have sown dishonor—but we can henceforth avoid error, and go on recording only the good: thus insuring the future fair.

It has always been known, of course, that Mind was a mighty factor in the infinite equation, and concentration has been the watchword of every successful man, for without it force is dissipated; yet how many have failed to believe that germ of success lay within them—its unfoldment subject to the same great law that governed the other, but retarded by the lack of motor power (Will) to put it in operation! How few children are taught to conserve the force that works in and through them, and is consequently wasted on utter trivialities! The rudiments of religion, so called, are taught to children; but for the most part their instruction partakes of theology and its concepts.

Physical stature is reckoned by its length and breadth and thickness. Mental and spiritual stature must be likewise reckoned: not by the narrow groove of bigotry, not by a stigmatic side-glance at the Truth which is universal, and cannot be measured by the limited vision of one plane of consciousness, but by the broader view that comes within our range of vision when we have lived on the heights long enough to be established there, with no shadow of turning the depths again. This consists in ceasing to transgress the law in what are termed "little things." It is the great Law that is bound up in the little things of everyday life—the Law of Love.

Affairs do not go to suit us. We are fretted and provoked, and we blame others. This is seeing the evil when we should take cognizance of only the good. The peculiarities of personality are too painfully evident to most people. We must learn to penetrate below the surface to the depths of Being where the Eternal Good ever waits to be brought to the threshold of consciousness. It is the privilege of those who have evolved to the realization of Eternal Goodness to recognize this only in those who have not, thus raising them to the conscious plane, whence they, in turn, may influence others. Christ's injunction, "Feed my lambs," referred to spiritual food no less—but probably more—than to material food.

God is Love, and Love is the fulfilling of the Law. This is the whole thing in a nut-shell. God in us is our love nature. We cannot love too much. The more we love, the more of the living God there is in us. We should love all mankind, seeing in these human forms an approach to the Divine—souls in their upward march to glorious freedom on higher planes. We should love the animals, for they are spirits too, and are responsive to kindly treatment. They are our brothers of the wilderness, and are part of the Universal Intelligence.

We are told to "preach the gospel to every living creature." We are to preach the gospel of love to everything that breathes. This includes that part of the Great Breath known as the Universal Consciousness. We must love the trees and flowers. And it will pay us to love the so-called inanimate things too. Even a machine will give better service if you love it.

The Great Spirit is everywhere. It pervades all things. Matter is an outer crust, a crystallization of Mind. The trees and solids of which our earthly furniture is made were once full of sap, which is life. They came out of the invisible by a process of growth, and we utilized them. They will disintegrate again, and be worked up into other forms by the permeating Spirit—the resistless Energy of the universe that is constantly changing all things. Perpetual motion is the riddle of the universe. It is eternal vibration. Different rates of vibration give us different planes of consciousness. On the physical plane one rate gives us sight, another hearing, etc. We are as gods, knowing good and evil. If we choose and abide by the good ignoring the evil, we set in operation a law that gives us a higher and finer rate of vibration, which will in time open up our inner powers, bringing us still nearer to the Holy of Holies—the Divinity at the center of our being. The undesirable qualities of our nature—the anger, hatred, envy, malice, and all selfishness—are like so many dense wrappings that keep us from manifesting or expressing our higher natures; our real selves. They are the tares; the chaff that is being burned up by the unquenchable fire; the rate of vibration that gives pain and misery.

The religion of the future will owe a great debt to science. Those faithful plodders, the scientists, have delved into the mysteries of life and given us golden grains of knowledge. —Mind

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Emily Wright Hood

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