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A Song of Law

Tune—"Auld Lang Syne."

Should God's great wisdom be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
He framed the world by changeless laws,
Which govern sea and wind.

And sea and wind for evermore
Those self-same laws obey;
And all man's strife can alter not,
Nor turn them from their way.

Yet man believes the God of love,
To whom all things belong,
Left man's existence just to chance,
And man the slave of wrong!

No man shall ever suffer harm,
Keeping the laws that save;
Happy and bright his life shall be
From birth unto the grave.

Believe me, friends, this simple law
Holdeth the good and true—
"Do unto others as ye would
They should do unto you."

Law and Love are One.
No myth is necessary to arouse ardor for the good and the emotion of universal brotherhood.
That which is great and beautiful suffices in itself, bears in itself its light and flame.

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K. P.

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