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Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth (Poem)

Why seekest thou under the orient skies,
From the Sage's mysterious lore,
The wisdom long hidden from time-serving men,
The truth God awaits to restore,
While right at thy hand is the temple of Truth,
That structure so grand and complete,
While knowledge the world is far-seeking today
Lies all unperceived at thy feet?

Why seekest thou harmony where it is not,
Of the masters of music abroad?
True harmony only is found in that soul
That is right in relation to God.
While dwelling alone in the region of thought
Such music the listener hears
As only the ear of the spirit can know,
When attuned to the song of the spheres.

Then seek thou to comfort the children of men
By the song that thy soul may express,
For the Master hath called thee, and sendeth thee forth
To quiet the cry of distress.
The heart that is joined to its idol of woe
For a moment forgetteth its shrine,
When over the senses a love-sonnet steals,
That is learned from the Teacher divine.

The spirit may bask in the infinite light
That revealeth the secrets of God,
And Ieadeth thee e'er with the great and the good,
Who the pathway of inquiry trod.
The temples of Wisdom, of Knowledge, and Truth
In thy bosom alone thou wilt find,
They are built on the solid foundation of thought,
In the limitless kingdom of mind.

That by which a man conquers in any passage is a profound secret to every other being in the world,
and it is only as he turns his back upon us and all men, and draws on this most private wisdom that any good can come to him.
It is only abounding love and trust and faith that produce abounding energy.
To him who believes in nothing, nothing can exist.
It is the exhaustion of the spiritual atmosphere.
Lilian Whiting
It is well to fight one foe at a time; to cast away, by conquest, one bad habit, and replace it by a new and better one.
—Ruth Lamb
The supreme message of science to this age is, that all Nature is on the side of the man who tries to rise.
—Henry Drummond

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