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Love or Justice

Placed in the balance and found wanting is a scientific problem, only solved on the principles of vibration.

That the human understanding and feeling of contentment depend upon the curbing of sense and self is generally taught but only known to the experienced. Their antitheses, ignorance and indolence, leave the individual mentally dull and spiritually discontented. Thought and action stand for progress—synonymous with brain and heart culture, or education and introspection.

Curbing the animal in human nature requires exercise of the will. Every such restraint adds spiritual force to the being, fortifying it against the sensual and selfish impulses. "Placed in the balance and found wanting," therefore, means a surplus of material over spiritual force in the composition of the individual.

Inspiration is an effect of controlling the sensual, and contentment or happiness that of controlling the selfish in the operator—both engendering vibrations that accord with those of nature. Light and power is the result.

Intelligence and Law rule the universe. Reason and Love symbolize them in man. Observation, education, and temperance or moderation perfect the one, and charity, benevolence, or sympathy perfect the other. Resisting the temptations of sense and self answers for both, because it brings the being in direct harmony with nature; light and power meeting the vibrations created in the effort, and nature becomes the tutor and guide. This continued until the "balance" is in favor of spirit, and man has reached his destiny in earth-life—in which state mental joys take the place of physical; and soul-joy or contentment supplants false ambition, vanity, and worldly desires. Such "spirits in the flesh" are their own masters, and independent of what the world can offer in the shape of knowledge or sympathy, they having both unsolicited from nature.

All forms of self-denial being Love exemplified, they have attained it in proportion as they have extended it, and nature being just has welcomed them into her fold as one with universal justice.

Only by choosing the good in presence of the evil are true manhood and real maturity gained.
—Dr. Marcus Dods
Right action is true thought realized. Every fragment of right done is so much truth made visible.
—Bishop Westcott

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