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Heaven (Poem)

Out of the world of illusion into the world of truth,
From the world of change and dying to the world of fadeless youth;
Where the eye of man unclouded shall look on the things that are,
And the heart of man unwithered be free from sorrow and care;
And the life of man unfettered by bonds of time and space,
Shall bloom as a god's, unsleeping, yea, lit by God's own face.
O Father, 'tis that fair Kingdom Thy hands have wrought for men;
From Thee was their beginning, to Thee they return again.
But forget not, O heart anhungered, that now, and here on the earth,
Mayst thou dwell in that heavenly city, mayst thou see with the soul's new birth;
For whoso liveth and striveth in service of truth and of love,
To him yieldeth earth already the blessings promised above.

Those whom we must love and admire are those to whom the thought of self seems never to occur;
who do simply, and with no ulterior aim, that which is good, and right, and generous.
—J. A. Froude

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Harry Lyman Koopman

  • Born on July 1st, 1860 in Freeport, Maine and died on December 28th, 1937
  • An American poet, his first being published in 1875.
  • Was employed as a librarian at many prominant universities, including Cornell, Columbia, Rutgers, University of Vermont, and Brown.
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