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Fruits of Meditation

Our saddest reflection: the consciousness of our limitations.

It is not the stress of circumstances which are external to us that deters us: it is our own weakness within ourselves that does so.

There is only one factor in life as terrible as love of self—and that is dread of others.

Let others' woes be your woes; but see that your joys are their joys.

The "Gospel of Good": To believe all that is purest; to hope all that is best; to revere all that is noblest; to do all that is kindest.

There is no time for any useless fretting; There is no need of any vain regretting.

Do now thy Best,
There let it rest—

About thy task this moment here be setting.

Not the brilliancy of success, but the purity of his endeavors and faithful perseverance in duty,
even when the result is scarcely visible, will decide as to the value of a man's life.
—Von Moltke

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