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Now believe me, God hides some ideal in every human soul.
—Robert Collyer

Look up, weary traveler, and see your ideals ever shining in front of you, beckoning you onwards and upwards.

Are they lost for a time? Is the way so dark that the beautiful vision is hidden? Nay, be not discouraged, for 'tis only a passing cloud; step patiently on, and light will again fall upon your path.

Waste not your efforts in a false straining after your ideals, but gently stretch forth your arms, and draw them to you in the common walks of life, in the daily works of simple duties, and in your dealings with those you work with or meet on life's journey. Keep them, hold them fast, your ideals, and so as you look for them in every man, in every woman, will you arouse in others that which is highest and best.

Better to be a little wise
Than learned overmuch,
Better than high are lowly thoughts,
For truthful thoughts are such.
—George MacDonald
If what we have be not of benefit to others, it can be none to ourselves.
Our goodness can only be proved good as it filters through the hearts of others.
—K. K.

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