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One morning I awoke to find my mind tranquil and my spirit calmed, as one who has passed through a great danger. The first thought that passed across my spirit was, "your sufferings are the temptations of egotism, and arise from a misconception of life." I perceived that, although every instinct of my heart rebelled at that fatal and ignoble definition of life which makes it to be a search after happiness, yet I had not completely freed myself from the dominating influence exercised by it upon the age...I had been unable to realize the true ideal of love, love without earthly hope...Life is a mission, dug therefore its highest law. From the idea of God I descended to faith in a mission and its logical consequences, duty, the supreme rule of life, and having reached the faith, I swore to myself that nothing in this world should again make me doubt or forsake it.

There is not a weak, or a cracked link in the chain that joins the first and last of things.
The strength of Truth alone is thy Salvation.
Above thy head, through rifted clouds, there shines
A glorious star. Be patient. Trust thy star!

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Giuseppe Mazzini

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