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When will we fully realize that we are making the revelation to ourselves in all that we experience, and that the revelation or interpretation may be of the truth, of the divine nature of things, in the degree that the soul is free from the disturbing and obscuring thought and method of life? We reveal all things to ourselves. There is no other revelation. It is a mistaken interpretation of experience to think of it as otherwise. No revelation ever comes to man except through himself—from the divine nature within him. There is no external, overt act needed. All things stand eternally uncovered, disclosed, declared; and it requires only understanding on the part of man to reveal them to himself. You can have facts disclosed to you, but not truth. lf an angel should attempt to reveal Wisdom to man, it would be impossible unless the man could come in complete rapport with the nature of the angel; and if he could do that, no revelation from the angel would be necessary, for the man would reveal the same state to himself It would not be a revelation from the angel, but a participation by both in the same state. This is true not only of the extraordinary, but of the commonest experiences of life.

From The Esoteric Art of Living

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Joseph Stewart, LL. M.

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