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God With Us

Man is of God, for without God was nothing made. Every man therefore, being of God, should possess His attributes. But alas! many are still in ignorance, and live in disregard of His laws. He has planted us all here for a purpose, and our whole life should be a journey of progress. If we do not progress in knowledge of the Truth we are not growing in grace.

The law of God is the law of life. Blessed are they who fulfill this law, for they shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make them free—free from all sin, misery, and oppression.

Truth girdeth itself as it were with a garment, and in her paths are plenty and peace. She is full of compassion for all men, and she invites them to drink of the waters of purity, and to bask in the sunshine of Love.

Oh! all that love Wisdom, hearken to her voice. Turn ye from the paths of misery and oppression, and gird your loins with the armor of Righteousness, and unto you shall come peace, plenty, and happiness in full measure!

Rejoice, all lovers of Truth, the Dawn shall soon break forth when ye shall reap the harvest of your labors! Unite ye to swell the praises of our Lord, and the glory of His name, and ever strive to bring others unto the Fount of Truth!


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J. Gifford

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