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God in Man (Poem)

Where'er great pity is and piteousness;
Where'er great love and love's strange sorrow stay;
Where'er men cease to curse, but bend to bless
Frail brethren fashion'd like themselves of clay;

Where'er the lamb and lion side by side
Lie down in peace; where'er on land or sea
Infinite Love and Mercy heavenly-eyed
Emerge, there stirs the God that is to be!

His light is round the slaughtered bird and beast
As round the forehead of Man crucified,—
All things that live, the greatest and the least,
Await the coming of this Lord and Guide.

And every gentle deed by mortals done,
Yea, every holy thought and loving breath,
Lighten poor Nature's travail with this Son,
Who shall be Lord and God of Life and Death!

No God behind us in the empty Vast,
No God enthroned on yonder heights above,
But God emerging and evolved at last
Out of the inmost heart of Human Love!

Wound Love, thou woundest, too, this God unborn!
Of Love and Love's compassion is He bred!
His strength the grace that holds no thing in scorn,
His very blood the tears by Pity shed!

And every cruel thought and deed on earth,
Yea, even blood-sacrifice on bended knee,
Lengthens the travail and delays the birth
Of this our God, the God that is to be!

Wherever men and women, wearied of exclusive dogmas, tired of the bitter strife and controversy of the sects, having learnt to respect each others convictions and willing to profit by the experience of all, meet together to worship in spirit and in truth, to realize the bond of brotherhood deeper and stronger than all difference of mind, to enthrone the Lord of Love in their hearts that they may live in peace with all men, and goodwill toward all creatures, there already is the nucleus of the Universal Church, the Church of Humanity.
—G. Tyssul Davis, B. A.
I'll bind myself to that which, once being right, will not be less right when I shrink from it.
—Charles Kingsley

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Robert Williams Buchanan

  • Born on August 18th, 1841 in Caverswall, Staffordshire, England and died on June, 10th 1901
  • Scottish poet, novelist and dramatist.

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