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Universal Religion

Some will say, what then, after all, is your religion? And I will tell them, first and foremost, Duty—duty entering into every detail of one's existence—duty extending through each day alike, from Sunday morning to Sunday morning again—duty towards God and man, or, rather, that our duty towards man includes both; then humility of disposition, not holding ourselves in too high esteem, nor regarding our fellowmen austerely or even patronizingly; and finally, naturalness and simplicity, enabling one to give a brotherly recognition to all, and to extend our sympathies to every nation under heaven.

All religions are good that make men good; but for a man to prove that his religion is best, is that he is better than other men.
Orthodoxy, or right opinions, is at best but a very slender part of religion, if it can be allowed to be any part at all.
I am more assured that love is of God than that any opinion whatever is.
—John Wesley
The lust for controversial victory is the death of comradeship. To remain gentle is to be invincible.

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