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There is hardly any greater service one can do for another than to give encouragement; this awakens self-reliance, which also brings lasting joy and peace. Until a man can trust his self—recognizing his inseparable relation with all life, perceiving the unity of all life—he cannot be free and happy. So long as he feels dependent on certain outside sources for his happiness, there will be a lack of concentration; his forces will be diffused. There can be no sense of security until the impregnable life within is given due recognition.

In the past our native energies were repressed and held dormant, because we ignorantly placed ourselves under a ban of condemnation. This unjust treatment has also been the cause of a great number of man's afflictions. We have shown forth in flesh and blood the nature of our thoughts; these, being weak and negative, have out-pictured corresponding depleted physical conditions. The body is a living record of our character.

That all things are transitory is a fact that should give hope instead of sorrow. The ever-changing forms of existence prove the universal order of growth, and suggest to man that he may reform his habits and remold his character. All that is required for a complete mental and physical transformation is an earnest aspiration in this direction, and the action that always springs from such aspiration. By the directing power of his will, all lower desires may be transmuted into the most lofty spiritual emotions; and the power of these celestial forces cannot be estimated.

Since we have within our own being the latent energies which are in themselves capable of making our ideals to be realities, it is evident that the only requisite for expression is to focus these energies—to discipline and master them.

The desire for personal power is inherent in man, and too often manifests itself in a display of arrogance and tyranny. This is but an artificial semblance of real authority, and it soon destroys itself. The true master is always the soul of gentleness and kindness, and recognizes in others the same infinite power that is in his own being.

The position of mastery is gained by realizing the Unity of all Life; and what is this but the recognition of Love's divine supremacy? This is the testimony to the infinite Life that expands one's energies; this is the living affirmation of the Truth, which is responded to with a larger and ever-growing measure of wisdom and power. By a faithful recognition of the ever present Divine Life, the being of man is placed on a throne of conscious mastery.

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Frederic W. Burry

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