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Knowledge and Love (Poem)

When man shall know his fellow man,
And hearts respond to Love's entreat;
And over all this bless'd, broad land,
In holy, sweet communion meet;
When Love shall take the place of hate,
And sorrow all shall flee away;
When man shall know his full estate,
And understand the better way;
Upright and strong he then shall be,
Full conscious of the Higher Birth
Which sets the soul imprisoned free,
And gives it power o'er all the earth,
And power to soar to realms on high,
Beyond the earth where angels dwell,
Celestial beings of the sky,
With names too beautiful to tell.


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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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