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Follow Thy Star (Poem)

Follow thy Star! Through paths of pain,
Where sorrow's cup o'erruns the brim,
And sun of Hope sinks red and dim.
Follow thy Star! And count no gain
The fleeting joy, that can but bring
The empty husk: a worthless thing!

Follow thy Star! And, strong of heart,
Pursue thy course in storm and calm,
Making thy life a living psalm.
Follow thy Star! And bear a part
In noble deeds that bring sweet balm
To wounded hearts: 'tis pity's charm.

Still brighter then its light shall grow,
And purer yet will shine its ray,
Till in the even of thy day,
Tinging with Heaven all here below,
Its golden glow athwart the skies
Shall light thy path to Paradise.

Goodness has slowly proved itself in the world—is every day proving itself—like a light broadening in darkness.
—Mrs. Humphry Ward


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Walter Gordon

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