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Be Fearless

O friend, never strike sail to a fear.
Come into port greatly, or sail with God the seas.

What a splendid, invigorating thought this is, when we want to cast aside for a time all the little petty details or fears which will occasionally come to us in our daily walks of life. Think of the pure breeze it means! The breath of Life.

This is not a thought for rest, but for rigorous life-giving action, when our souls need to be free to express the fullest within us. Strong, rich, full of health, go sail the seas alone with God, and then come into port with full sails, untorn, unshaken by the winds and storms, which have blown and buffeted them about.

We will come back again to our work, with renewed zeal, awakened energies, and life-giving powers.

It is health, life, and food to the soul which we shall gain from our sailing outwards. Arise up and take all into your life; arouse in others the thought to seek the Truth. The soul slumbereth, but only awaits the Heavenly breeze to respond to action.

He alone is great
Who by a life heroic conquers fate.
—Sarah Knowles Bolton

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