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True Mysticism (Poem)

To shut the big world out a little while,
To hold aloof from all its whirl and wear
Which makes existence hateful: this it is
To be in Peace apart—yet not alone:
To "know thyself"—and therefore justly judge
Of all beside. For in thyself indeed
Reposes All that Is—that only is.
To commune with thy Soul, to dwell serene,
This is the Union, know, with the Divine
To which all men aspire—towards which they grope
(Yet along diverse roads) until they reach
The Goal Creation groaneth for—its God.

What constitutes a real man? The possession of fine feelings, and the multiplicity of great graces. Nothing less than this bespeaks the true man.
—John J. Heal
Everyone should cultivate magnanimity, or greatness of mind, which is the happy medium betwixt presumption and cowardice.
—H. H.
Men in earnest have no time to waste in sewing fig leaves for the naked truth.
—Herbert Humphrey

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