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The Soul-Universe

Every living soul has its orbit, or appointed path. And yet appearances are otherwise. Some of us, indeed, appear to be travelling with moral consistency and purpose, but the majority merely wandering; and it may seem an absurdity to say that saint and libertine alike are following an orbit. It is nevertheless, I hold, true. The orbits, however, are not alike—not one of them; nor indeed are they fixed, but constantly changing—improving or otherwise, according to the will and exertion of the soul, for such power of shaping its orbit is given it.

Could, indeed, the soul-universe be viewed a with the eye, there would doubtless appear solar systems—cluster after cluster of them, with suns, planets, satellites—and, alas, wandering comets which, however great their degree of separation, also have their orbits).

Let a man therefore aspire to improve his orbit; that is to increase his obedience—to find his true self—a thing to be accomplished only by developing one's spirituality; and this only on the basis of nature, cleared of all its artificial conditions—mists exhaled by self; and the first step is, therefore, total renunciation of self. For so will he find joy and peace, the joy of increasing unity, as advancing towards the true center of all with kindred souls ever thicker about him, he combines with soul after soul (always, of course, with the soul for whom he has the greatest spiritual affinity) and so increases in sublimity and love for other souls and for the Parent of souls; the peace of its perfecting orbit, with less and less of "jarring" and of "combust."


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K2_LATEST_FROM_CUSTOM Edward Harold Physick

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Edward Harold Physick

  • Born on July 20th, 1878 in Ealing, London, United Kingdom and died on August 30th, 1972
  • English writer
  • Used the pseudonym E. H. Visiak

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