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Before we can possibly be satisfied we must feel our need; we may be complaisant, and care nothing about the most vital things of life, but that state is not satisfaction, it is ignorance. Before we can be satisfied we must hunger: "He satisfieth the longing soul and filleth the hungry soul with goodness." The longing soul feels its need, and therefore longs for better things, and when the soul becomes hungry for goodness, then, and not before, can it be filled and therefore satisfied; but we may be contented without being satisfied, for we can be content to wait for the evolution of higher things in our character (though always striving to attain them), but we shall never be satisfied till we reach or develop the highest; "I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness"—and with nothing short of it! What a tremendous evolutionary work must be done in us before that can be realized! The thought of the remote possibility of it in the far distant future makes one feel humble indeed; it is so far distant as to seem almost impossible, yet I am happy to think it is not so, and must be content to wait "till I awake," and it will, indeed, be an awakening out of all evil thoughts, all unkind feelings, all angry tempers, all petty jealousies and littlenesses; what a transformation! The complete regeneration must be necessarily slow as all growth is, but if we remember to be always about "our Father's business" we shall know that we are slowly progressing; we must not become discouraged by our failings, but if we only keep our end in view we shall be able to continually press onward and upward in our journey, until at last, purged of all evil desires, we shall awake satisfied and complete "in His likeness."

Life is what we make it, just as a room is attractive or repulsive according to our industry or neglect.
If "life is not worth living," it is because we haven't made it worth living.
Live right, and it will be a joy forever.
—Lucy Mallory
Our thoughts are as our children, and we train them and love them. Let us see that we train them aright before the eyes of the world behold them and make use of them. For we cannot keep them unto ourselves alone, but they must ever continue to grow and to influence others, and they will bring blessings, if rightly trained, and the world will be the richer for them. Let us be careful to keep them pure and strong and beautiful always.
—Rose L. Amos

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