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Spiritual Security (Poem)

However skilled and strong art thou, my foe,
However fierce is thy relentless hate,
Tho firm thy hand and strong thy aim, and straight
Thy poisoned arrow leaves the bended bow
To pierce the target of my heart, ah! know
I am the master yet of my own fate.
Thou canst not rob me of my best estate,
Tho' fortune, fame, and friends—yea, love, shall go

Not to the dust shall my true self be hurled,
Nor shall I meet thy worst assaults dismayed.
When all things in the balance are well weighed,
There is but one great danger in the world:
Thou canst not force my soul to wish thee ill—
That is the only evil that can kill.

Sin is an experience which comes from ignorance. Redemption is learning to choose the higher instead of the lower.
The thorns and thistles, the struggle and pain, the strife and upheaval are incidental to the conflict between the lower and higher consciousness during the education of the spiritual man.
Henry Wood

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  • Author and poet
  • Born November 5th, 1850 in Johnstown, Wisconsin and died October 30th, 1919
  • Famous line in poetry: "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone."

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