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Like the Flowers

We want to grow beautifully like the flowers. Have you ever thought how they grow? They just open out slowly, gradually into their full glory, and God's love shines upon them. They do not struggle nor resist, nor push forward hurriedly, but calmly and joyously open out their lives for the sun and rain to give them life, and God is their life.

How simple! how beautiful! So simple that we do not think we can grow thus, and we seek here and there, and go through so much tribulation to find God's love shining upon us; yet it is there all the time, only we have not always let the sun and the rain strengthen and refresh us.

Let us open out quietly, joyfully, trustfully, and with full knowledge that God is within each one of us, and if we have this attitude, and approach Truth in a childlike spirit, still greater knowledge will come, but we must keep pure in heart and of an open mind, and then we shall be free to live the Christ life.

Life is much reduced in simplicity when we resolve to live one day at a time, and to make that day blessed to others.
The cares and vexations and troubles of life are allayed or banished under the spell of this central purpose.
—Selected from the Christian Register

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Rose L. Amos

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