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Peace After Passion (Poem)

I do believe a grand thought never dies;
I do believe that after-love is best;
When the strange fire that lay within the eyes
And the wild singing of the heart's unrest
Have passed away, and we are calm and wise,
And think upon the love that makes us blest,
I do believe there's more of Heaven in this
Than all the eloquence of earlier bliss.
We reel beneath the first as from a blow;
We watch its splendor till our eyes grow dim;
We revel in its nectar till we grow
Dizzy and drunken, faint in every limb.
And so we sleep and dream, then wake to know
Our rapturous songs have deepened to a hymn
Whose sweeter music, like a heavenly psalm.
Freshens our souls with drops of holy balm.

That one man whose eye commands the end in view, and the means by which it can be attained,
is not only better than ten men or a hundred men, but victor over all mankind who do not see the issue and the means.

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Richard Realf

  • Born June 14th, 1832 in Framfield, East Sussex, England and died on October 28th, 1878 in Oakland, California.
  • Poet
  • Traveled the United States
  • Committed suicide after a failed marriage

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