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Forgiveness (Poem)

How oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?
—Matt. xviii. 21.

Hath any wronged thee thoughtlessly?
Then grant to him forgiveness,
Lest by thy lack of charity
Thou cause him further to transgress.

Hath any wronged thee consciously
And afterwards repented sore?
Oh! grant to him a pardon free,
And thou wilt ne'er the act deplore.

Hath any wronged thee willfully?
Oh! then still greater is the need
That thou to slight it shouldst agree,
And live according to thy creed.

For though he glory in his sin,
And of his conquest maketh boast,
Thou art unscathed, untouched within,
And he hath harmed himself the most.

The man whom I call deserving the name is one whose thoughts and exertions are for others, rather than for himself.
—Sir Walter Scott
Some of us are too ambitious: we want, perhaps, to make the world happier—whereas we should be content with the endeavor to make a single individual less unhappy.
—R. Dimsdale Stocker

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Florence M. Solomon

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