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Angry thoughts lead to foolish, insane acts. Anger wastes vitality, clouds the reason, and blinds its victim to all that is wisest and best to do in irritating circumstances. Life's joys and sweetest friendships are sacrificed by one who falls under the dominion of the demon of rage. During anger the mental realm is in a chaotic state, poise is lost, and not infrequently a serious catastrophe befalls one so dominated. The strongest man when angry manifests his weakness of character. Anger frequently causes physical weakness. Some lose sleep because angry thoughts surge through their brains, and they are unable to control and incapable of expelling them. A fit of anger—well-named a "fit"—is sometimes followed by a violent headache or a severe illness. Its penalties are countless. Yet with these and other hard experiences, how slowly the lesson of self-control is learned.


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M. E. Carter

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