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Right Thinking

We should think just as though our thoughts were visible to all about us. Real character is not outward conduct, but quality of thinking... High, healthful, pure thinking, can be encouraged and strengthened. Its current can be turned upon grand ideals until it forms a habit and wears a channel. By means of such discipline the mental horizon can be flooded with the sunshine of beauty, wholeness, and harmony. To inaugurate pure and lofty thinking may at first seem difficult, even almost mechanical, but perseverance will at length render it easy, then pleasant, and finally delightful...We must refuse mental standing-room to discord, and by right-thinking call into existence a wholesome and inspiring environment. Think no evil, and have eyes only for the good. Optimism is of God, and it stimulates and attracts its possessor along the upward road towards the ideal and the perfect. Pessimism creates and multiplies unwholesome conditions, and galvanizes them into apparent life.

Henry Wood in Ideal Suggestion

It is not enough that a human being should abstain from gross, palpable evil; he must follow actual good.

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Henry Wood

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