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Inward Growth

When Truth has once entered the mind there is no getting rid of its work. It may seem to be bound and in a dungeon, yet it is not inactive. There is an undercurrent of true thought that keeps up an incessant tapping at the door of conscience and justice, and eventually changes the whole character. The changes that come to one during this process are hardly discernible on the surface, and we are not always conscious of the transformations that are going on unless we compare the thoughts of today with those of a few years ago, or before we listened to the statements of Truth. It is a quite common experience for one to think there has not been much progress, but a little retrospection shows that the Light has brought about a whole new set of ideas and dissipated the darkness in ways beyond description.

—From Unity

Ah! depth of joy it is to find
Our manhood's golden age renewed,
That Eden lieth not behind,
That we are yet the sons of God.
—James MacBeth
Every human being has not only the idea of right, but is himself capable of rectitude.
—William Ellery Channing

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