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The Unity of Life

In trying to reach the higher level of life, it seems to me that each, in order to succeed, should endeavor to lose the personal element in their thoughts.

This is surely what is meant by self-surrender, unselfishness, or whatever term we may employ to describe that state of mind which is reached when self ceases to be the object of our desires.

The right attitude of soul is—One with God, one with humanity.

How we, in our egotism, try to stand in a position of isolation; on one hand God, on the other our fellow-creatures; and we fail to realize that we are irrevocably identified with both; that it is impossible to do good to others and not do good to ourselves; and equally so, we cannot do evil to others and not injure ourselves.

We cannot separate that which is inseparable.

So, in our relation to God, the essence of the Eternal—call it Life, Spirit, Power, or what we will—is in us, uniting us to Him by an indissoluble and sympathetic bond.

It is an attitude of mind towards all, irrespective of race, creed, or faith, in which love is the dominating power. Self, with its likes and dislikes, its prejudices and limitations, is lost in the immensity of this love, and the soul whose creed is—one with God, one with humanity—has begun to live the true life, which is never-ending.

It is infinitely comforting to reflect that whatever happens, if we are one with man, sympathizing with him in all his weaknesses and imperfections, we are also one with God with all that the name conveys to us of Power, Wisdom, and Blessedness. This far more than compensates for all we have to do in the way of bearing or enduring.

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