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Substantial Comfort (Part 7)

All depression and dejection arise, I am sure, from an imaginary separation between man and God, this produces a sense of isolation and desolation, a sense of weakness and loneliness, whereas a realization of our union with God renders us strong and cheerful, and enables us to exclaim, in the deepest despondency, "I am not alone, for the Father is with me."

This realization of unity will give me realization of my union with man and Nature; this will awaken interest in everything and everybody, and thus the wretched feeling of despondency will depart. If we realize that God is so interested in us as actually to be our Life, our unseen self, we shall be interested in all His manifestations and go on our way rejoicing, master of ourselves and our conditions, saying, with me all things are possible, nothing is too hard, for "I and my Father are One." "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? Why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God, for thou shalt yet praise Him." Ah, I will begin to praise Him at once, I will give thanks and sing, because of His universal love, His impartial love, His perfect love, which no human action can deflect or turn aside for a moment. I praise Him that He knows not wrath nor punishment towards the creatures of His hand; that they are not fallen creatures but rising creatures, growing, developing out of animalhood, babyhood, childhood, manhood into Godhood, which is their very nature, involved in them for the purpose of being evolved. I praise Him that I have now no anxiety for my fellow-man of any race or clime, that I see no evil in them or in store for them: experience will cure them of ignorance, and evolution insures their perfection. Yes, I praise God from whom nothing but blessing flows, and sooner or later every born soul shall acknowledge this. I praise God not for what He gives or what He withholds from me or any man, but for what He is—the Faithful Creator, the absolutely good and true, the absolutely wise and strong, the organizer of worlds and of men, the over-ruler of what man calls fate and destiny, the universal lover, the overpowering magnet drawing all towards Himself in order that ultimately they may realize the blessedness of oneness with Him in whom they have always lived and moved and had their being. Yes, I praise God for what He is, and pray for nothing but that His Goodness may pass before me; that my conceptions of His strength and wisdom, His beneficence and loveliness may daily and hourly increase; to this end I concentrate my mind on the inmost self of One, which is Himself, where alone I shall come to visions and revelations which will rejoice my heart and ennoble my life. Here the Self speaks to the Self here Spirit with Spirit doth meet, for God and Man are "closer than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet."

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