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Love is supposed by many to be of various kinds, but I think there can be only one kind of love; that is to say, that love is one, as God is me and God is Love; therefore love comes from God its source, and whether we give it or receive it, or it dwells in us, it is still one, and though the quality may vary, the quality can never vary, it comes from God, and in proportion as we have more or less of it, so we have, more or less, God within us. The fact that the love we feel for a sister or brother differs slightly from that which we feel for a parent, and again from that which a mother feels for her children, and lovers for each other, does not prove that the love is different, but that it differs in intensity, and is modified by our different emotions. Indeed, we cannot get love anywhere else than from God, its true and only source, so that love is one. And this appears to me a beautiful thought, as it links us all more closely together, to each other, and each to God; for high and low, rich and poor, good and bad, all love to some degree. Even a person whom we should consider bad, and perhaps rightly, could hardly live without loving something; and so, though unaware of his divinity, he yet has something of God in his composition, and therefore claims our love as such, and he who can give most liberally of love to Him will be the highest among us and nearest to God, not he who will think himself too good to love one so bad. God is no respecter of persons, and he who has most of God within him must needs love the sinner, and he has most love who gives most, it grows more abundantly within the more it is given; it increases as it is drawn from, and why? because the source is God, who is Infinite—Infinite Love! a never-ending source from which to draw; wherefore let us link ourselves to Him more nearly and learn to love more heartily; and not only what we call worthy objects but all with whom we come in contact, for all need our love: those whom we meet in our daily life, our fellow-workers, our children, our neighbors, and our servants; and thus we will have the "Kingdom of Heaven" within us, and become really the "Temple of the Living God."

Have love: not love alone for one,
But man as man thy brother call,
And scatter like the circling sun
Thy charities on all.
Sincerity, a deep, great, genuine Sincerity, is the first characteristic of all men in any way heroic.

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