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The Age of Good (Poem)

Mankind has waited long;
Still saved by hope it waits,
Calming its eagerness with song
While quelling fears and hates.

No more the soul is bound
By man's dim-sighted creeds;
Love makes all earth a holy ground
And fills all human needs.

Wars still may scourge the lands,
And Greed with Greed may fight,
But Free Religion nobly stands
For Brotherhood and Right.

The Hashing sunlight clear
On Mount Tacoma's head
Is symbol of earth's passing Fear;
Wrong's shadowy hosts are fled.

O happy age To Be,
When ignorance lies prone!
When thought has perfect liberty,
Nor metes for bread a stone!

Be ours to sing thy praise,
Be ours to aid thy birth,
And earlier bring the wished-for clays
Of Righteousness on earth.

Character—soul—can only be got by self-surrender.
—Mrs. Humphry Ward

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James H. West

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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