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The Teacher of All Truth

I was seated at an open window one May day, some few years ago, in the lovely Dent valley; I had been told that the window at which I sat commanded a grand view of Seafell when the day was clear and fine, but on this day all was obscured by mist and heavy rain. I had read of this mountain, and heard it spoken of as being very lovely and grand, but all this conveyed little to my mind, and so I sat and waited for the rain to cease and the mists to clear away. It was but a little while I waited before the Sun shone out, making all the scene into a fairy palace; all nature seemed suddenly to wake into life and beauty, and as I gazed the mists rolled away up the valley, and I beheld Seafell. That one sight was more to me than all the reading or hearsay could ever be, and I thought—it is the way with men and women—always reading and hearing of the Great Teacher, but never getting a living knowledge of truth, and where it may be found. Christ said to the Jews: "Ye search the Scriptures, because ye think that in them ye have eternal life; and these are they which bear witness of me; and ye will not come to me that ye may have life." And as I pondered, a gleam of light entered my soul, and I knew that the knowledge of truth and right could only be found in the Kingdom of God which is within us. Thus it is that men are rushing here and there, seeking truth and finding none. Oh, my fellow-travelers! cease from your own works and wanderings, and rest in the valley of humiliation awhile, and the sun of righteousness will assuredly shine upon you, and the mists will roll away, and the summit of the mountain of truth will be revealed as you are able to bear the sight. The Great Teacher, whom we all have within us, will lead into all truth if taken heed to, but it is only in the stilling of all fleshly thoughts and desires that this voice can be heard.

Men are wondering today how they can reform their fellows, and to such would say, "Reform yourselves," and by so doing your whole attitude will be altered, and you will see that these material things such as Temperance, Housing Reform, Socialism, Vegetarianism, etc., are but as "birds of the air" which may lodge in the branches of the tree of Life, when the seed that is in you has been allowed to grow and flourish. This, l think, is what Jesus meant when He said "lf I, even I, be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me." We are to lift Him up day by day in getting rid of all selfish desires and "Doing unto others as we would they should do to us."

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