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Sincerity is the quality of angels, and without it man is living a life false to his ideals, prejudicial to his present and future happiness, and detrimental to the development of his soul.

To be insincere, to however small a degree, is to be untrue to yourself and false to the victim of your act of sincerity. However subtle the act may be it provokes distrust, and may even close an avenue of friendship which would have influenced your whole life.

If we only knew the change in all our circumstances by a purer adaptation of sincerity in all our thoughts and ways, society would in one stroke be changed beyond recognition. There is not a walk in life which would not benefit by it, and one might trace the golden thread of sincerity in its working from highest principles of thought and learning to the Church, the Press, the school, the politician, the engineer, the trader, the working-man, down to the meanest individual whose heart-felt desire to be sincere in word and deed, in home and workshop, in play and duty, would lead him to strive only after his true ideal, and to express it in the noblest and most beautiful way, applying the highest means at his disposal.

Only think how the face of this world would change; no need then for legislation dealing with adulteration: why even our wars would become more infrequent for the acknowledged sincerity of one diplomatist.

Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Have we sufficiently reflected on "this law in its application to sincerity? It is not sufficient to pray" Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven," we must act as well as pray, etc., and certain it is that the dawn of Heaven on Earth will be the era which sees the full unfoldment of a pure and perfect sincerity between man and man, coupled with love in our hearts, so that the fountain of sincerity may be of heavenly origin, and thus beautify life by helping it to noble achievement under divine impulse.

Half the misery in the world is caused by misunderstanding the other half by insincerity in a more or less expanded form. It is not open for us to unveil the former until in the fullness of time our culture shall be if developed beyond any culture known to have existed in any former period of the world's history. We are slowly but surely progressing toward the ideal, and can but wade through countless ages of painful experience until our eyes shall be opened, and our hearts beat in perfect unison with the Divine Will. It is, however, open to us to depart from the darkness and the unwisdom of insincerity, and to inaugurate at once an era of truth and sincerity in its ardent application, and each of us by taking thought from this moment can better the world we live in, and better our lives by such a course.

If only we strive to be pure and true,
The foam of the sea will lower its crest,
And the weary waves that we used to breast
Will sob and turn, and sink slowly to rest,
With a tender calm all over and through.

lf only we strive to be pure and true,
To each of us all there will come an hour
When the tree of life shall burst into flower,
And rain at our feet the glorious dower
Of something grander than ever we knew.

Life is noble or ignoble, glorious or groveling, just as a right or wrong, a high or low, conception is cherished in the heart.
No man builds higher or better than his plans. No artist surpasses in marble or on canvas the beauty imaged in his soul, and no one's life can rise in grandeur above the thoughts of life which live in his heart.
—J. R. Miller, D. D.

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