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In Tune With the Infinite (Poem)

On night's still camp is pitched my tent,
That weary body where my days are spent,
And on the golden brink I lie
Of life's sweet rest and mystery.
Veiled from my eyes the glare of day,
The turmoil of the crowded way.
The "Me," that may not live by sight,
Yearns for a ray of purer light
To strike the eye of Faith with gleams
And visions, only seen in dreams.
But petty thoughts and sordid cares,
Life's exigent and grim affairs,
Hang weights upon my fluttering wings
And draw me back to earthly things.

Darkly before me now there stands
Sleep's portal into unknown lands,
With right and left an entrance shrine
For offerings earthly or divine—
And hovering round a winged host
Awaits my disembodied ghost.
To me one moment's choice is given
'Twixt earth and gloom, or light and heaven—
Hark I through the still and slumberous air
A mystic voice, a radiance fair,
An echo, from old Scriptures known
To faltering mortals years agone,
Strikes on my closing sense and sight;
It bids me "Think on One and fight."

And with a cry to the Unknown
I rise and leave my tent alone.

It is the life of every day from which elements of a better life must come. There is not a thought or feeling, not an act of beauty or utility, whereof man is capable, but will find complete expression in the simplest, most ordinary life.
—Maurice Maeterlinck
Our work, to be alive with beauty and with power, must have an Ideal element. It must be seen, in large relations, human and divine.
—John W. Chadwick
Be broad and liberal, be free, be earnest, and the peace and harmony which you are beginning to establish within your own bosom, will vibrate outward, and its influence will be felt by those around you, and the responsive influence which you will receive will be of inestimable value to you, not only mentally and morally, but physically.
—N. S. Davis

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L. Haddon Jenkins

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