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Substantial Comfort (Part 5)

It is well said "when things come to the worst they mend." When they are bad enough to drive us within for strength to bear them, they usually depart. They have done their work pro tem, and a spiritual achievement has been gained. So shall I fight and conquer, conquer and fight to the end; pain, anxiety, fear for myself and others, all shall be met and conquered by Spirit, which I am; all will come and go at Its command. All does come and go at Its command for every living soul, only they are not all yet on the plane of evolution where this is recognized. To my great comfort I recognize this for them and rest in peace. Spirit as impartial Love rules for the good of each; there is no godless man, for "all souls are mine, saith the Lord." It is not a godless world, for it is God's world, and so all must be right with it. When I think of God only, reigning in this form called me, training soul through body, and strengthening body through soul, then all anxiety seems to flee, and I know all must be well; then everything that happens is welcome, for however bad it appears, it can only be very good, since perfect Love is the ordainer. Sometimes I seem like a tired, anxious driver who has given the reins into a master hand, and has nothing to do but lean back in the carriage and rest. Love says, have no care for thyself or any, but in everything give thanks. Yes, let us be sure that thanks are due to Love for everything, for life and death, for ease and pain, for storm and sunshine, and all the other contrasts it has ordained. Nothing is to be deplored, everything is very good; a death knell is as a marriage bell to souls at one with God, for there is no death to them, it is only a beautiful gate giving entrance into larger life. Yes, my soul is filled with a sweet content, I endorse the experience of one of old: "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon Thee, because he trusteth in Thee." Ah, it is trust that brings peace; the assurance that Love is master, master of me, of mine, of all men. How easy to trust Love! we can then look the hardest trial boldly in the face; Love is enough for it, and Love is God, and God is manifesting as me, as all. He is the center, the backbone of prince and pauper, of king and subject; their discipline shall work their good. I will not grieve for any; if I did, where would be my boasted trust in Love, or how could I enjoy "perfect peace?" I trust God with all suffering souls, I am of their band, but the sting is being continually extracted from all that I dread, by the trust that cures all fear.

Already life is heaven to me, no cradled child more softly lies than I, now and eternally.
—Frederick William Faber

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