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In the Light

God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all.
—1 John 1:5

If this be true, how can it be that we, who are "sparks of the divine," are content for so much of our life to "walk in darkness," without the "light of life"? While that pure radiance is pouring itself in rich fullness throughout the universe, why do we grope our way in unillumined gloom?

Surely it is that we have not realized our own true nature. What is our real self? Is it not that Soul which was breathed into our nostrils by the great Father of our being, the Spirit of Life Himself? If so, what are we but actual parts of that Spirit?

God has taken a spark from the glowing, light-giving Sun of His own being, and has clothed it in mortal flesh, in order that it may become individualized, that it may live a personal life, and so—enriched by the experiences, the sufferings, the victories of this our earth-life—return to the great Source from whence it came.

But how often is this point of light, this beam of the eternal glory, well-nigh quenched by reason of the pressure of its earthly casket!

It is the part of the spiritual nature to rule and to keep the body in subjection; only so can the inward light remain undimmed.

Let us not nourish our body, or even our mind, at the expense of our soul, our very self Let us keep our body pure and undefiled, a fitting "temple" for that holy spirit within, but let not the temple itself be worshiped. If the body be honored, let it be because thus, in some measure, honor may be paid to its holy guest. So shall the light upon the altar burn with its native purity and strength, until the very temple itself shall be filled with glory. For, truly, light cannot be hidden; it must reach beyond itself, and lend part of its nature to whatever comes under its influence. When the Spirit, the God within us, rules, our whole nature, body, mind, and soul, shall walk in light.

And what does this light mean to us? The light of Reason, Truth, Faith, Hope, and Love. O how can we wrap the clouds of earth around us when these might be our glorious garments?

"God's in His heaven"; the sun is shining. Let us realize that we too are Light, for no darkness can dwell in any part of the divine.

Let us rise above the mists and shadows, and now in this present time, "casting away the works of darkness, put upon us the armor of light."

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