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Substantial Comfort (Part 6)

Two forces being equal there is no resistance, nothing but perfect rest. This is true mentally as well as physically, for when the strength is equal to the sorrow, then there is no sorrow, but rest; when the power is equal to the pain, then there is no pain but peace. In my highest moments I have proved this, and these great trials have changed their aspect, and been positively welcomed; they have become something to rejoice in rather than deplore. Spirit has been equal to the occasion, not only divesting it of sorrow but investing it with joy. I bring this force to play on every condition, and it yields me perfect peace under the severest test. I cannot deny the power of pain, but I can assert the equal power of Spirit, the result of which is peace. My mind shall dwell on the Almighty, Supreme, Infinite Power which manifests as me, and then, however adverse the conditions, they will flee before it.

We are not afflicted needlessly, but for a purpose, in order to manifest the power of Spirit in overcoming, so when the purpose is answered the affliction is removed or welcomed, being no longer necessary as discipline.

If trials become heavier, Spirit power manifests in the same ratio, so there can be nothing to fear; cheer up, my soul, all is well, whatever is, is best, you shall not be beaten in the game of life!

That mighty Heart that kindled life in ours,
Both soul and body claims to share His powers.

Yes, realizing our oneness with Universal Being we share its powers; as one has said: "The great I AM which is the innermost Spirit of Life throughout the universe, is the same I am that I am, whoever I may be." Nothing shall lead me to question It; God in me, God as me, vindicates his own character of Love and justice. If my soul is disquieted within me it is because my mind is stayed on the objective instead of the subjective; on the seen instead of the unseen; on matter instead of Spirit; on man instead of God; then my mind is as one standing on his head instead of his feet, everything is inverted till the position is reversed, and the subjective, the invisible, the Spirit, is seen to be master over the objective, the visible, the flesh. Thus we prove the power of the Real over the apparent, and as regards material things we "despise their image as a dream when one awaketh." Judged by the standard of the Real this life is only a dream, just as, judged by our waking standard, the dreams of the night become unreal to us. Let me constantly affirm the oneness of Being, the great I, master in the universe, in the world, in man. To recognize I am IT is indeed Power and Peace, a power which nothing can resist, and a peace which passeth all understanding.

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