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Heart Belief (Poem)

There is no unbelief:
Whoever plants a seed beneath the sod,
And waits to see it push away the clod,
He trusts in God.

Whoever says, when clouds are in the sky,
Be patient, heart, light breaketh by-and-by,
Trusts the Most High.

Whoever sees 'neath winter's Held of snow,
The silent harvest of the future grow,
God's power must know.

The heart that looks on when the eyelids close,
And dares to live his life in spite of woes,
God's comfort knows.

There is no unbelief:
And day by day, and night, unconsciously,
The HEART lives by that faith the LIPS deny;
God knoweth why.

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John Tyndall

  • Born on August 2nd, 1820 in Leighlinbridge, Ireland and died on December 4th, 1893
  • Physicist

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